- Web-based data entry system (meaning that any individual who has set up an SBIRT Dash account can enter data wherever he or she can access the Internet);

- Easy-to-follow data entry protocols for users. Data entry is approached in a narrative format. As users enter one number, it is used to formulate the next question;

- One agency can support multiple healthcare organizations with a single SBIRT Dash license by setting up multiple organizations within the program;

- One-click reporting for organizations. Once data have been entered into the system for a specified period of time, a single click will provide a written narrative with analyses, graphs, and prevalence statistics. This report can be exported as a .pdf file with a single additional click;

- Ability to compare organizations within the same project by numbers and frequencies.

- Error-checking protocols. If an organization inputs information that seems erroneous or is significantly different from previous data entry, verification of accuracy will be requested.

Along With the License, We Provide...

- Modifications to the data entry form. Do you have minor changes that need to be made to the form, or are you collecting data not available in the default program? We can make these alterations free of charge for the first 90 days after the license is purchased!

- Technical assistance. Do you have questions about the software or do you need to troubleshoot at the end-user level? We provide e-mail support and limited phone consultations free of charge.

- Storage and hosting. Because the data captured by this system are not confidential (e.g., they do not fall under HIPAA or 42-CFR Part 2 regulations) we offer storage solutions through a partner organization. If you would like your license for SBIRT Dash to be hosted remotely on a cloud storage system, we can accomplish this for a slight upcharge.

- Ability to order major modifications. Is SBIRT Dash the kind of software your organization wants, but you are doing a different project? Angstrom Software will be glad to work with you to provide major modifications to this software so that it fits your programmatic needs. The initial consultation for these services will be provided free of charge.

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